World Map Pineapple Tapestry

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Pineapple tapestry – Long before the world was found to be round, a normal map only the richest homes. Ordinary people rarely have the means to afford this remarkable feat of creating the map, because they are the only possessions powerful kings, scholar’s diligent and brave sailors.

Even before the ancient explorers returned with the news from distant lands, mapmakers made often stunningly accurate predictions of what is beyond their own shores. Using reports from mariners about the places they visit and measurement, some shoreline look as if they were mapped by satellites. If you’re a fan of antique mapping, you are already familiar with pineapple tapestry from the Dutch cartographers Henricus Hondius. His “Nova totius Terrarum orbis tabula geographica ac hydrographica” is a milestone in creating the map.

If you like the map but want smooth a little less pretentious than the whole world. You can get a large tapestry featuring the various regions of the world. One of the most popular of these is pineapple tapestry which describes the West Indies. For those who dream of heaven, or have their own section of paradise, this beautiful tapestries have a decorative border pineapple, palm trees and parrots that compliment the design of the map itself.

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