Wooden Jungle Gym For Kids

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Jungle gym for kids – A wooden scaffold often on jungle gyms and play sets. Because of environmental damage and wear, the color of the jungle gym wears off and requires a new coat of paint. If the climbing frame was never painted to begin with, you can paint the frame to make it more colorful and appealing. You can also include your own designs on the climbing frame to adapt it to your child’s tastes and interests.


Place a tarp around your work area so you will not get any paint on the floor or on the area where you work. Tarp will clean up after the project easier. Sand down the wooden jungle gym for kids with 180-grit and then 220-grit sandpaper to smooth the wood down and make the primer to follow the wood. Stir the primer until it is evenly mixed. Paint the jungle gym for kids with primer and allow the primer to dry completely; for best results, let the primer dry overnight. Stir the paint you want to use the frame with a stir stick so that it is evenly and smoothly blended.

Apply a second coat of paint to the jungle gym for kids and let it dry overnight. The drying time will remain the same for each coat of paint you apply to the scaffold. Paint designs on the jungle gym for kids, if desired. Use a picture as a reference if you want to paint freehand designs; For example, paint the shooting stars of the frame while consulting an image to guide you.

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