Which Is The Right Side Of The Dorm Tapestries Fabric?

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Dorm tapestries patterns or images that are woven into the fabric – is a classic form of art. Made from wool, silk, cotton, linen or metallic threads, tapestries can be hand or machine made. But sometimes the owners of the tapestries are not sure which side of the fabric is the front and which is the back. Understanding a little about how the tapestries are made, and then pay attention to some details, making it easier to determine which is in front of a tapestry.

When you look at a piece of fabric for dorm tapestries, often the back will have an ordinary fabric sewn to it as a kind of base lining. In cases where this is not true, is back discerned because the design of the fabric appears vague and undefined. Remember that the thicker wires, warp, should run horizontally, and the front of the wallpaper should have a more definite and defined design.

Usually tapestries are mounted, although they may sometimes be sewn into another item, like a bag or a handbag. Usually dorm tapestries come up with a narrow tube is sewn on the back (or sometimes the thin tubes sewn at its peak). A rod is inserted through this tube, and the rod is then inserted into brackets that are secured to the wall. The front of the fabric faces out.