Waterproof Carpet Entryway

Waterproof Carpet Adhesive

Waterproof carpet – Create a landing place when you walk in the door of your home by creating a waterproof carpet entryway. Even if your door opens directly into a room, you can create a small entryway into the space to separate doorway from the rest of the room. If space near your door is dull, add some elements that define the space and protect the waterproof carpet from the elements that this area often experiences.


Refine entryway from the rest of the room. Set the room divider, such as decorative shoji screens in space. Standing up screens on each side of the door so that they are parallel with the door opening, creates a temporary space in the hall. Put the screens so that there is enough space to allow the door to open freely and to allow free passage into the space.

Cover protective, waterproof mat with a decorative area rug. Select an area waterproof carpet that fits complementary style of the room door is opened and to a carpet treated with a stain-resistant chemical, since this is a high traffic area and will be prone to stains.

Set a small, thin table on the wall next to the door. Place a basket or a decorative tray on top of the table to act as a catch-all; a space to store keys, mail and other items you want to keep near the door. Place a coat hanger near the door. Either install a clothes hanger on the wall above the small table, or set up a standalone coat rack in the space.

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