To Stop The Slips Of An Area Rug On Carpet

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Area rug on carpet – Measure your area rug. Know the dimensions area rug, you need to secure. You can go with just making sure the ends and corners. Place a rug pad under the rug. You can buy a rug pad from home part of the Target, Walmart and other stores. Not only is it padded carpet pad soft to make your area rug feel more comfortable, it will also have an anti-skid backing to help keep your rug in place.

Use an anti-skid mat under the rug. Attach carpet tape or Velcro on the carpet. Another easy solution to keep your rug in place is to use carpet tape or Velcro on the underside of the carpet. Cut a strip of Velcro tape or blanket, at least six to eight inches long. Strategically place it along the end or edge of the carpet. Press down gently. When you are ready to place it on the carpet, gently press it down with your palms. That should be enough to ensure the area rug on carpet.

Use double-sided tape on the back of the area rug on carpet. You can also use double-sided tape on the underside of the rug. Do the same instructions as using carpet tape or Velcro. Place the legs of furniture on the rug to keep it from moving. If you do not want to attach things to your carpet, then use your furniture to anchor the carpet. Place your bed at one end of the area rug, the ottoman in a different and coffee table in the middle. This should be enough weight to help secure the rug in place.