Tips To Buy Kids Storage Trunk

Cute Kids Storage Trunk

Kids storage trunk – Tips for buying and using trunks for toys. The European Union Safety Guide recommends the following before the purchase and for the good use of toy trunks. Check that the toy box complies with the requirements stipulated in standard safety of toys. It is not recommended to use hinged trunks that let the lid fall freely. It is best that the lid is light and has no closure.

It is recommended to purchase a kids storage trunk that contains a stop so that the cover does not lower or one with the cover completely loose. A cover with a spring mechanism can prevent the cover from falling suddenly by striking the child’s neck or leaving him trapped if he plays inside the trunk.

Another of the characteristics that we can look for is that the kids storage trunk has ventilation holes and that these do not block when you close it to the wall. In addition, we must remember that the closing mechanism works well, from time to time, not let the child get into the trunk, explaining the risks and as far as possible do not leave it alone (and this for many other dangers That is in the home).