Tips For Using Light Blue Tapestry

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Tips For Using Light Blue Tapestry  In decorating our house with light blue tapestry, this will give a modern touch and elegance to a room in your home. They give a different touch to the house. These textiles fit perfectly in any room of the house, not only in the living room. It is very easy to see them also in bedrooms, kitchens or corridors. Here are some recommendations when it comes to placing light blue tapestry:

In the bathroom, the light blue tapestry will serve to get out of the shower and be barefoot without letting our feet get cold and wet the floor. With protective ends they will be placed in the kitchen. If you spill some oil or grease will fall on the mat and not on the floor, which will avoid some slip. It is an element that never hurts and in each room of the house performs a different function. For halls they are often used light blue tapestry, also known as pastilles. It is necessary that they be of a very resistant material that is able to support the transit of all the people that walk by the house. We will try not to get too dirty, however you have to vacuum the unit once a week and shake it every month. As for the size of these tapestries, it is appropriate to occupy the entire length of the corridor, leaving several centimeters by the sides.

Place light blue tapestry in the bedrooms, tapestry can be fitted anywhere, although the places with more acceptance are on either side of the bed or the bottom of the bed leaving only a little of the fabric to the eye. Tapestries can look great on the walls as a complement to the decor. They will give a lot of personality to the stay. In the living room you can place a tapestry in the center of the wall.