The Smartest Carpet Alarm Clock

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Carpet alarm clock – It can be hard to get up in the morning and the snooze button is easily your best friend. To snooze may have a negative impact on your day and many major business leaders and politicians are known to be notorious morning people. So maybe it’s time to stop snooze? That Ruggie help you with.

Ruggie is a gray carpet alarm clock whose can only be turned off if you put your feet on it. And it is not enough that you touch it with a toe, you need to put weight on your feet and keep them at least three seconds, all to guarantee that you actually wake up. You actually have to sit up to turn off the alarm makes it much more difficult to fall asleep.

Once you get the carpet alarm clock silenced Ruggie can play you a message. Maybe you want to hear an inspirational quote or a funny voice that makes you laugh? Ruggie themselves write that “if Ruggie can help you get up five minutes earlier each day your whole life and we assume that you will live 80 years, it means that Ruggie gives you 100 extra days”! During the evenings, Ruggie moon as a night light. If you step on the mat so shines a digital clock in the corner, then it becomes dark automatically after 20 seconds.

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