Stylish Kids Wood Picnic Table

Kids Wood Picnic Table Design Ideas

Kids wood picnic table – Picnic tables make great outdoor furniture. Though especially useful in the summer months, they can be enjoyed year round. They also take minimal space compared to a separate table and chairs. Making a picnic table it is quite cost-effective. A small picnic table is perfect for children and takes up less space than a full-size picnic table.

How to build a kids wood picnic table, cut the table’s four legs using your 2 x 8 boards. Angle the top and bottom of each leg to 22 degrees. Cut the two upper cross members of the frame by means 2 x 4 boards. Each cross piece should be about 30 inches long. Curved ends at 22 degrees to match the legs. Place the legs on a flat surface in pairs. Set a top crosspiece across each pair, lining up the edges. Place a 2 x 4 across each frame, halfway down the legs to form a lower crosspiece. Nail cross pieces in place, but no center seam.

After that to build a kids wood picnic table, drill a centered hole where each cross member intersects with one leg. Stand your two frames upright. Make sure that they are perpendicular to the ground.  Adjust the location of your frames and interior bench pieces, as six inches of the bench project beyond the frame on each end of the table. Position 1 x 8 boards over the top of the frame.  Cut a center bottom bandage using a 2 x 4. This should fit all the way across the bottom of the table.