Special Medallion Tapestry Style

Medallion Tapestry Bedroom

Medallion tapestry – tapestry is a type of fabric decorated with polychrome scenes whose design is integrated in itself, so that it forms at same time as fabric itself. Figurative themes or scenes are copied from a model or cardboard. Tapestry has a decorative function, imitating painting. It is thought to be hung, although with change of fashions ended up being framed.

Base of medallion tapestry loom is warp. It is a set of parallel threads arranged longitudinally. On it are carried out “passes” with colored threads that reproduce decoration of cardboard. Each decorative step is followed by another cotton thread, which is fabric itself. Immediately afterwards, a new pass of colored threads is given followed by another of cotton weft and so on. background is usually made of a taffeta fabric.

Making of medallion tapestry is a very slow manual labor. For this, two types of looms are used. Simplest is high-loom loom. In it warp is arranged vertically, it lacks pedals and work is done by back of piece. Therefore, weaver is usually placed in front of a mirror. This way you can check progress of work. Cardboard is placed behind and, as a guide; general contours of drawing are drawn in warp. Artificer is raising warp threads with one hand and with other threads of warp between them.