Sewing Aqua Tapestry

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Aqua tapestry – For budget conscious interior designers and craft enthusiasts alike tapestries are an affordable, creative and effective ways to fill a lot of wall space at once. Whether an aqua tapestry is tie dyed, hand-painted or quilted elements, it is important to hem the edges to create a finished look and to prevent abrasion. Go the extra step and add a large hem at the top to insert a dowel hanging.


Place your aqua tapestry right side. Start with one of the sides. Fold the edge over twice to create a 1/2-inch hem. Pin the hem together. Iron the hem to create a straight crease edge.

Sewing the hem. Place the aqua tapestry right side of a sewing machine. Run through the sewing machine hem creates a straight seam. For light fabrics like satin and chiffon, use a light nylon thread. For heavier fabrics like cotton or linen, use a standard nylon thread. Run stitch right down the center of the hem.

You may also have some sewing settings and footers to create what is called blind stitches. Blind stitching running along the inside fold of the hem and create a virtually invisible seam. Repeat this step to create hems on the other side and bottom of the wallpaper.