Plastic Carpet Runner: Easy To Clean

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Plastic carpet runner – While a carpet racer can instantly transform flat stairs into something elegant, a carpet rider that is worn and stained will make a set of stairs appear emaciated. You can protect ladders with a plastic ladder runner. A plastic ladder runner protects a high traffic carpet runner while colors and designs of carpet. It is also necessary to hire a professional to install a ladder runner. Here are steps to follow to make at home.

How to plastic carpet runner installations? First, Measure treads and climbs of one of stairs with tape measure. Tread is part that pokes foot. Riser is vertical part supporting tread. Write down measurements. Multiply them by number of stairs you have. This should be minimum length of your plastic ladder runner. Grab edge of a plastic ladder runner and insert it into top step at ladder stop. Peaks at bottom of plastic will actually penetrate into carpet fabric at top stair rung.

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Push plastic floor into vertical tube in a similar way, making sure that tips are connected to carpet fabric. Nail in a forward turn at four corners of tread and four corners of riser. Continue this way, pushing plastic carpet runner tips into carpet, making sure spikes penetrate carpet fabric making a firm connection. Fix also with tacks until stairs are covered with plastic corridor.