Old World Map Tapestry As Wall Decor

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Old World Map Tapestry As Wall Decor – Today, the work of these geniuses continues to be made available to collectors of maps in the form of world map tapestries. Rich in detail, the fine weave of these wonderful tapestries captures every detail of these original maps, right down to the contour lines of the continents as well as the menacing eyes of King Neptune.

When selecting world map tapestry for your home, look for the compositions that appeal to you. Some have rich ornamentations, often whimsical renditions of sea serpents and monsters, and these tapestries bring one back to a different time when many still believed the world was flat and you could fall right off the end of it if you ventured too far.

Other tapestries feature the local flora and fauna of the lands which the explorers ventured onto and thus create a more nature oriented feel. Most of these details are accurate to reality, while others are created by the artists imagination as to the type of creatures that he thought might reside in lands which were yet unexplored at the time. The origins of world map tapestry are a mixture of science and art. The surprisingly accurate science of cartography for its time, as well as the imagination of artists, combines to create works which continue to fascinate us even to this day.

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