Moroccan Tapestry Design Ideas

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Genuine Moroccan tapestry made by hand by local producers in Morocco. The mats have different fabrics and patterns with deep or neutral colors. The oriental tapestries blend in perfectly with a modern decor and are ranked among the top designer tapestry. Want to decorate your home with an authentic Moroccan tapestry? In our range you will find oriental tapestry purchased directly from local producers in Morocco. This means that it is not only high quality rugs can be found here with us in Stockholm, it is also genuine craftsmanship.

All our Moroccan tapestry purchased from various regions of Morocco, all known for their particular style of fabrics and patterns. It allows all these oriental tapestry has its unique style, from the rich and deep colors to the little more simple and neutral. Regardless of the Oriental tapestry you get stuck on, you can be sure that it will fit into your home, we have mats for all styles and interiors.

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Genuine Moroccan tapestry is stylish design rugs that stand out from the crowd, and we offer come in several different sizes and with different looks. All tapestries are handmade in Morocco, making it a truly unique tapestry that you buy from us. To order one of our oriental tapestries today and create a home decor that exudes the orient.