Measurement Of Carpeting Stairs

Carpeting Stairs Images

Carpeting stairs – Accurate measurements are the key to carpet installation. If you choose to make a carpet installation projects, the first step is to measure the space. When addressing carpeting stairs, you need to measure the steps carefully to make sure you purchase enough mats. When measurement carpeting the stairs and buy appropriate materials, you can continue with the great work: installing the carpet.

Count the number of steps on the stairs, and add a step for additional coverage. Write down the number. Measure the width of the staircase from the left to the right edge with a tape measure and write down this measurement. Measure the length of a step for carpeting stairs. The measurement length of one step, the depth of the tread (the horizontal surface) and the height of the riser (the vertical surface).

Multiply the number of steps with the length of each stage to find the total length of installing a runners carpeting stairs. An additional step has been added to the calculation. Subtract a selected measurement from the edges of a step of the width of the slider. Multiply the width by the length and number of steps to calculate the total area of carpet needed to cover the whole staircase.

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