Make A Fire Kids Truck Beds

Kids Truck Beds Big

Kids truck beds – The simplest type of fire engine bed to construct a building on a typical toddler bed. By purchasing a wooden baby bed with rails attached, you can easily make the changes needed to turn it into the fire bed of your child’s dreams. Factors to consider when building one bed for a young child include selecting robust materials, VOC-free paints, and secure embellishments. Make sure that the materials used are age-appropriate for the children who will sleep in the bed.


Purchase and install a plain white, kids truck beds with bed based on. If you cannot find it in white paint just the rails of the bed. These will be the pace for your fire engine. Measure the length of the bed from the headboard to foot board, and the height from the floor to the bottom of the side rails.

Use your measurements to cut two rectangles of half-inch plywood. These are the pages of your fire. They will be attached to the sides of the bed, reaching to the floor on both sides. Sand along the top and both sides to make them as smooth as possible. Draw or transfer your design onto the plywood pieces. You want them to look like the pages of a fire truck. Secure the plywood pieces on the sides of the kids truck beds with a screwdriver and screws long enough to fasten securely.