Installing Carpet Tacks

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Carpet tacks – The carpet is a wise glove for home: it is a simple insulators and give each room a cozy feel, transforming the floor from simply an area to walk on, If you install the carpet on your stairs, you give them a more complete, furnished appearance than if you had just left them naked. To secure the carpet on your stairs require the use of a carpet tacks.


Executing a tape measure from the rear edge of the top of the stage and around the nosing – the upper edge of the step that sometimes stands out – to the bottom of the riser, or the vertical surface of the step front. Hammer in a tackles strip 5/8 inch above the crotch of each staircase with carpet tacks. The branch of the stairs is where the bottom of a staircase meets the rear edge of the top of another staircase.

Measure the distance from tackles strip at the bottom of the crotch of a stairway to tackles strip at the top of the branch on the steps below. Repeat this process with each staircase. Place your carpet runners from the top of the stairs to the ground. Press the mat firmly against each stair, tucking the rug tightly around nosing.  Repeat with each stair.

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Hammer carpet to the tackles strips around the crotch of each staircase by inserting a screwdriver in the crotch of each staircase and pounding the chisel with a hammer. Hammer two carpet tacks spaced 2 inches apart on the right and left edges of the carpet on each floor.