How To Weave Tapestry Duvet Cover

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Tapestry duvet cover weaving is done in a basic wooden or plastic frame, much like a picture frame. The upper and lower most looms have small grooves in the sides to keep the warp threads or the base, in place while weaving the wallpaper. Frames which nicks can have small sticks instead or if there are frames that will warp without grooves. Warping a fabric loom is more or less the same process for each type of loom construction.

Weaving tapestry duvet cover, bind end of a piece of yarn around the base of the loom frame at the left side. Move the yarn until it jumps into the first notch on the bottom left of the frame. Guide the yarn to the first track on the top left of the loom. Place the yarn in the chopping and keeping the yarn tension, bring it around the back of the loom frame and the frame around the bottom of the second groove at the bottom left of the frame.

Continue wrapping the yarn around the frame in this manner until the entire loom is warped or until you achieve the desired width of tapestry duvet cover. Tie end of the yarn at the bottom right on the loom. Cut a piece of yarn three times the width of the loom. Fold the yarn into two and the folded end loop around the lower left side of the loom, threading the ends through the loop so that the doubled yarn is attached to the side of the loom. This is the distance yarn, which will be threaded through the warp threads to ensure that it remains even during weaving.

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