How To Keep Sugar Skull Tapestry

Sugar Skull Tapestry Blue

Sugar skull tapestry – Through the years of the process from a hand-woven technology produced reproductions. With the change, it became easier to take care of fabric to maintain the original quality. With the right tools and knowledge, you can keep your cloth in original condition.


Remove wrinkles or creases to iron. Place the wallpaper to the back side facing upward. Enter your steam iron to a low setting and press the wallpaper. Hang your fabric in a suitable location. Natural light can fade sugar skull tapestry with time.

Hang the wallpaper with the right method. Most sugar skull tapestry has rod pockets or hanging loops. Vendors sell tapestry rods with decorative ends, called the finials, which can add a decorative element to your fabric. Some people prefer to buy cheap wooden sticks instead of rods, but this can attract butterflies.

Follow cleaning method popular in past centuries – to beat off the dust. Set two saw horses and place a towel over was to protect the surface of your fabric. Determine sugar skull tapestry face them so it is flat. Tap along the back, but to turn the web of supports, to remove dust. Use a soft brush to clean the front of the wallpaper once a year. Hard brushes can snag the fabric; use a soft brush as a horsehair brush. Have your fabric dry cleaned as needed to remove any stains.