How To Install A Vinyl Carpet Runner

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Vinyl carpet runner – Assess the length of plastic stair runner that you will need for each continuous length of stairs to be met. Measure the rise and run of a staircase. Add those numbers together. Then multiply this number by the number of stairs to be met for each continuous length of stairs you will be covering. This is the amount of vinyl carpet runner to buy for that set of stairs. Drill three holes in the two-inch 36-inch finished piece of wood – a hollow two inches from each end, and a third whole in the middle. Each hole to be drilled in the middle of the piece of wood in width. These holes should be large enough to accommodate a screw without catching the screw threads.

Scroll plastic stair vinyl carpet runner out. Centering plastic over the stairs. Screw the upper end of the impeller in either the pitch of the last flight of stairs or in the floor of the last flight of stairs six inches from the edge of the first increase. It will be the main anchor point for vinyl carpet runner.

Install a stair rod at each point that a stair runs meetings a stair ladder. The number of stair rods need is determined by the number of stairs you will be covering the runner. Styles and colors will vary and are available via the Internet and in hardware stores. At the bottom of the last staircase, screw or staple the runner on the face of the staircase rise and trim the excess vinyl carpet runner with a utility knife.

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