How To Hang Beach Tapestry

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Beach tapestry – Decorate your walls with tapestries is a simple and quick way to add style and design to any space. One of the best ways to hang tapestries without damaging the integrity of the fabric is to use spring clamps. The clips connect to the top of the wallpaper and the attached rings will fit around a curtain rod or a wooden stick. Look for spring clips at your local discount store and wooden dowels at local craft and hardware stores.

Measure the width of the wallpaper beach tapestry. Cut a 2-inch diameter wooden dowel to fit the width of your weave, plus 4 inches. This will give you a small amount of overhang on each side of the wall brackets. Wooden stick spray paint to blend into the wall. Let the paint dry. You can also choose to end the dowel with a contrasting color, add decorative touches such as a painted vine or glue mosaic over the top. You can also use a decorative metal curtain rod instead of making your own hanger.

Find at least one stud in the wall where you plan to hang the fabric. Measure the length of the wallpaper to determine how high you have to place the wall brackets for hanger. Remember to add the height of the spring clips and the height of the plug to your measurements. Include at least one of the wall mounts in a wall stud. Beach tapestry can be heavy, so it is important that you put one or both of the consoles in a dorm to bear the weight.