How To Decorate With A Zebra Carpet

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Zebra carpet – Some animal-print rugs show dancing stripes of a zebra. Home decorating accessories add a natural feel to any room designed to match it. This carpet style looks appealing with several wall paint colors and brings the spirit of nature right into your home. You can work a zebra rug into any room you want. How to decorate with a zebra carpet; use a zebra rug to add excitement to a room with simple colors and modern style decor. Zebra rugs add primitive sensibility for living rooms, especially when juxtaposed near furniture that sport sleek curves and straight lines. A carpet of two primary colors to match the main living room furniture. Upholstery colors almost matching zebra rugs usually have appealing results.

Place a zebra carpet under your dining table and create a stronger focal point. Zebra carpet has an interesting pattern that almost vibrates. Carpets closely spaced zebra stripes produces more visual vibrations than those with big gaps between light and dark areas. An oversized carpet, much larger than your table area, producing a memorable dining scene.

Add a tribal feel to your bedroom by hanging a fine wool zebra-print rug on the wall. By setting up a zebra carpet, reminiscent of the color of rattan furniture, create a bohemian atmosphere in which zebra carpet is a work of art. Look for a zebra carpet with a minimal amount of contrast between stripes to play it safe.

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