How To Clean Polyester Carpet

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Polyester carpet – Polyester carpets are one of the least costly manufactured fibers. Unfortunately, polyester carpeting is not as resilient as some of the other available materials. Polyester fibers have an increased tendency to keep dirt and carpet down in high traffic areas. As a result, the proper care and cleaning is a must in order to prolong the life and look of polyester carpets. Clear rooms of furniture when necessary and vacuum the entire carpet. Concentrate on high traffic areas and remove any loose dirt and debris obvious.

Spray any visible stains with a stain treatment are suitable for the location in question. Sponge the spots to dry, using your body weight behind the sponge to suck as much moisture as possible. Fill your polyester carpet shampooer with your shampoo and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for shampooing the entire carpet. Concentrate on high traffic areas. Let the carpet to dry for 12 to 24 hours. In some cases, the carpet still moist. Repeat the process shampoo and allow carpets to dry.

Drying time varies from carpet to carpet.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply Scotchgard protecting for carpets on the entire surface of the polyester carpet. Concentrate the application in high-traffic areas. Repeat if desired and allow drying thoroughly before using. It is recommended to repeat the process every six months to a year depending on the carpet’s appearance and the number of users.

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