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Cat Tapestry Art

Cat tapestry – Our name can mean different things, but for some people, their family name rooted in their family history. There are many people in the United States who have a family name that has a lot of history behind them and often emblem. Since America is a melting pot, there are families names here are linked back to all parts of the world. Heraldic coat of arms is a tapestry that bears the name of a particular family and emblem.

Many heraldic design dates back to medieval times and display the fleur de Lys symbol, swords, and animals such as the Cat and the unicorn. An emblem symbolizes the identity and source of family pride. Back in medieval times, many families of high rank and nobility displayed their coat of arms on their clothes and at home. Cat tapestry is also shown heraldic designs on their clothing symbolize their loyalty to the Kings.

Cat tapestry this unique and eye catch when it is display with a traditional home decor. Heraldic coat of arms tapestries instill a sense of pride from the medieval era and each design has its own historical background. Deep background with a light layer of weapon design in the middle is typical of heraldic tapestries. Generally, background dark blue or black with bright shades of red, gold, and green is the most popular, although this tapestry comes in other colors. Emblem tapestries especially pleasing to the eyes of men as this design is the epitome of masculinity.


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