Geometric Tapestry Make For Beautiful And Interesting Rooms

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Geometric Tapestry Make For Beautiful And Interesting Rooms – When you think of tapestries, do you think of medieval depictions of war or ancient battles, or perhaps knights sitting at the round table and damsels feeding unicorns? Today, tapestries come in an endless variety of patterns and colors designed for any style of decorating. They enhance the beauty of your home dramatically and can be used a variety of ways.

Geometric tapestry is a great addition when used as a throw for the sofa. A rich jacquard weave colored with bold hues of orange, red, gold or other warm colors can really spice up a cream colored sofa. Have a fireplace that would serve as a great focal point for the room if only you knew what to do with it? Hang a brightly colored geometric tapestry above the mantle can draw the eye immediately upon entering the room!

Have a crack in a wall, a tear in the sofa or a table whose finish is near ruins? Geometric tapestry can come to the rescue! A large tapestry not only adds depth and texture to a wall, it can cover a crack or damaged area – and no one will even know it’s there. Use tapestry throws to cover damaged areas on the sofa or other furniture, throw a runner over a table that has seen better days.

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