Fixing Kids Step Stool

DIY Kids Step Stool

Kids step stool – Children need to step stool to help them navigate through a house on an adult level. Whether it is to brush your teeth at the sink or help in the kitchen, children often need a stool to get to the correct height. If the stool falters even a little, it is not safe to use. In most cases, the repair of a step stool is easy, and it’s a fun way to learn the basics of carpentry and painting to the children who will use stool.

Remove the control legs from the bottom of the pallet. Inspect each for damage. Make sure they are the same length. Clean the holes in the bottom of the pallet of any glue or dirt. Repair or replace the legs by screwing the broken pieces or using the substitute control legs. Apply wood glue and screw the legs of kids step stool in place.

Attach the legs to the stool by unscrewing the top and bottom of each leg. Countersink the screws using a countersink bit to lower the screw heads into the wood. Fill the holes with putty and sand to a smooth surface. Finish by adding a new coat of paint or stain to the kids step stool. Add non-slip tape to the top as an extra precaution.