Create Circle Tapestry

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Circle tapestry – Cloth tapestries create the visual effect of a mural or very large painting, but with the convenience and portability of a blanket. Tapestry design can be as complex as hours of painstaking embroidery or as simple as painting a part fabric. You can make your own basic, painted fabric in every color and design you like to spice up a wall of all sizes in your home or business.

Create circle tapestry, draw the wallpaper design on paper as a line drawing or print from a computer image. Crop the image so that it has the same shape as the muslin blade you intend to use for your fabric. Get design like a transparency. Hang muslin on a wall. Tape all four edges with masking tape to ensure that the hanging is safe and smooth. Make sure it is square with the floor and wall, as well.

After that to create circle tapestry, project transparency image on hung muslin. Adjust transparency so that the image on the screen is lined up in size and location to how you want the finished wallpaper to watch. Draw a projected image on the muslin with chalk. Place the muslin sheet flat on the floor. Tape down flat, again. Paint the sheet. Untapped screen when the paint is dry. Fold the edges of the canvas that was under the tape. Iron them in place using the portable ironing board. Unfold the folded edge of the wallpaper using a running stitch on the sewing machine.