Create A Beautiful Ceiling Tapestry

Themed Bedroom Boho Tapestry Decor

Ceiling tapestry – We are not saying that you should make a potpourri of bright colors, but it is okay to experiment with what you already have and create a beautiful design of your own style. First step in this project is to find an appropriate fabric. Check in fabric stores and lightweight and low cost fabric business establishments. It is also important to wash and dry fabric before hanging it. Then cut fabric to fit well with about two inches of additional fabric at top and bottom.

Starch can be used to attach ceiling tapestry fabric. With this method, wall will not be damaged and fabric can be easily removed. We advise using a paint roller as it is less complicated and faster than with a brush or immerse fabric in a starch container. It is further suggested to employ a plastic container with a lid containing starch mixture. This can be stored immediately if procedure is interrupted.

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Process of hanging ceiling tapestry is easy. Simply coat starch on wall. A good thick coat works best. Then lay fabric gently with a smoothing wallpaper tool. When fabric is dry, take a ruler and a box cutter and, by holding straight edge against ceiling or floorboards, trim additional fabric. Check out original designs of tapestry and decorative fabric pictures for walls and ceiling we have selected for you