Carpet Tile Patterns On Stairs

Carpet Floor Tile Patterns

Carpet tile patterns offer convenience and easy installation of tiles with the comfort and luxury of carpets. For homeowners who want to carpet tile patterns, carpet tiles can be the perfect solution. Take the time to install these tiles on your floor correctly to maximize your chances of a successful, attractive and safe installation.


Clean the stairs with a vacuum with a hose Annex remove all dirt and debris. Measure the width and depth of the bottom of the stairs with your tape measure. Transfer these measurements to the back and front of a carpet tile with your pencil. Try to design these measurements around the portion of the plate that has the design you want to use (only for carpet tile patterns or designs).

Cut tiles on the pencil marks with a utility knife. You may need to cut through the tile many times to make a clean cut. Location sided carpet tape on the underside of the tile, approximately 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the edge. Adding tape entire periphery of the bottom plate. If you use a system of carpet points (such as the popular Floor system), place one of these points near each corner of the tile instead of lining the perimeter with tape.  Tap the tile to the stairs, to ensure that the factory finished edge faces. Repeat steps 2-5 for each flight of stairs; be sure to measure each stairway before cutting a precise fit.


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