Beauty Of Lodge Tapestry Patterns

Tapestry Patterns Style

Tapestry patterns – lodge tapestry, when unfolded, is often open in drawing of three steps to evoke three voyages of initiation reminiscent of first degree. That of apprentice, first contact with Masonic world. Lodge Tapestry is located in center of lodge. Usually on mosaic pavement to which each one is symbolically address. And is frame by three pillars: Wisdom, Strength and Beauty.

When you do not use a Lodge tapestry patterns. it is also possible to have in view same representations of symbols. And tools that in this case are not represent by two-dimensional drawings. Carpet is flat when deployed. But by objects that are in three dimensions in workshop. They have a thickness, a volume and are tangible, which arouses. And mobilizes a greater number of our five senses that cannot make tapestry in two dimensions.

Lodge tapestry patterns allow Freemasons to immerse themselves. At a single glance, into main elements of grade symbolism. Each degree is representing by a specific tapestry. But no tapestry is intended to bring together all symbols. Tapestry, for some, facilitates visual observation of main symbols. and elicits concordances, meditations, reflections. And also habit of seeing it present on mosaic pavement causes some to miss it when it does not exist.