Beautiful Blue Elephant Tapestry

Beautiful Elephant Tapestry

Blue elephant tapestry – Since time immemorial human being has not only sought comfort and practicality for their homes, but also has been pursued aesthetics and decoration. Once we have equipped our house with basics for our day to day, it is about focusing on making our home a more beautiful place. Walls are one of first elements that come into play in decoration and an ideal solution for this are tapestries.

Walls are a space that offers infinite decorative possibilities that adapt to all styles. Blue elephant tapestry will be in line with a more ethnic and style boho but also can find other products for our walls such as photo murals, decals or pictures. Tradition of tapestries does not have an origin in our European western culture, but its origin goes back to far places like Middle East or Asia. At first, purpose of tapestry was to cover walls of houses and protect house a little cold that radiated walls.

But soon, restless spirit of men also discovered its decorative and aesthetic purpose. Blue elephant tapestry were no longer mere “wall-coverings,” but became refined pieces, with gold and precious stones, coveted by kings and emperors to decorate their palaces. European noble class was astonished to see masterpieces hanging on walls of Maharajas and Sultans.