A Do It Yourself Guide To Maintaining And Fixing Your Fuzzy Carpet

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Fuzzy carpet does not have to evoke a sense of panic and visions of big money. Depending on what exactly is wrong with your carpet and how it happens chances are you can fix your own carpet. Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of your home.

Some fuzzy carpet is small and can almost be seen as a carpet treatment. For example, the carpet may appear blurred and developed a pill like surface after a period of time. The easy way to fix this is to just cut loose and fuzzy fibers of your carpet such as removing them from the sweater. Small burn marks, such as that of cigarette or cigarette ash can also be deducted from your carpet if they are small enough. You also can remove stains by hand if you respond quickly enough.

Water or better club soda poured into the stain and then wiped dry will remove part of the stains out of the fuzzy carpet you. A small amount of soap (detergent or dishwashing soap) on the stain can also delete them from your carpet. Once the stain is removed, allow to dry and then vacuum the area well. Signs furniture can also be removed from the carpet with club soda. Pour a small amount in the grooves and dab with a towel. Do this until you have removed most of the moisture. Let air dry and then vacuum the area in various directions. The end result will be a smooth carpet surface.